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Marc-Andre Pepin

Hiking and skiing makes me happy and more balanced- Marc-Andre Pepin


  • The Importance of Wellness and Healthy Living for Businesses

    Staying Healthy is What Keeps Me Productive Health is important in business. It’s simply a fact. Managing a company and being an avid runner who exercises regularly, I understand the strong correlation between wellness and productivity. Regularly exercising and keeping healthy is one of the most important things you can do for both your body…

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  • Travel, Learning and Languages

    Travel, Learning and Languages

    There are many different ways one can go about learning a new language. This can either be formally, informally or a bit of both. Schools provide formal education which promotes the development of reading and writing skills. A learning method I use is called the Assimil method which is a mix of both formal and…

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  • Why I Started a Hockey Team

    Why I Started a Hockey Team

    The importance of sports and the reason behind starting an ice hockey team in my region

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  • Cooperation over competition

    Cooperation over competition

    The choice of cooperation or competition is a completely normal and important social decision for people to make. Human behavior can be illogical at times when deciding which to choose, yet it’s important to understand the significance of each option. It allows for meaningful and fulfilling societal activity advancements, while maximizing individual benefits. Cooperative or…

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  • Marc André Pépin on Wellbeing in the Workplace 

    Marc André Pépin on Wellbeing in the Workplace 

    My many years of experience working in office spaces have taught me one indisputable lesson: content workers are more efficient and produce better work. Despite common belief, happiness does not need to be suspended during working hours. Your employee’s work environment has a direct effect on their general wellbeing, as well as their performance. Thankfully,…

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